4 Parks in One Day?

I’m not going to lie, Disney is BIG!  The parking lots, the parks, the resorts, you name it, Disney makes sure it is big!  Visiting one park can take up and entire day, but with proper planning, is it possible to visit all four parks in one day?  Let’s see! First of all, make sure you grab yourself and anyone else willing to take on this challenge with you a Park Hopper Ticket.  These little beauties will allow you to move from one park to another in the same day.  A long time ago I was anti-park-hopping, now I wouldn’t have it any other way. Second, start with a rough plan.  If you have an entire day, this can be easily done.  But let’s say you have a 8:00 PM ADR (Advanced Dining Reservation) like I did.  Still possible?  Keep reading.  You will also need to decide what to do in each park.  My goal was to meet one character, trade pins and ride one ride.  When I thought I had time, I added more. Third, you are going to want to take advantage of EMH (Extra Magic Hours), these are listed daily and change from park to park.  Each day, Disney selects one park to have Morning EMH and one to have Evening EMH, your resort will have a schedule in your room or you can check it out on your My Disney Experience page or app. *

My hubby was playing golf off property this day so I was tackling most of the day solo and was relying on Disney transport. I was taking my “4 Parks in One Day” selfie on the balcony of Animal Kingdom Lodge at 7:20am.   I left early enough to make it to Animal Kingdom before they opened the gates for Morning Extra Magic Hours.  I walked right into A Bug’s Life. I then made my way back to Expedition Everest which I rode twice by waiting in the Single Rider line!  This is my favorite ride in WDW and I could have taken a few more turns but I had so much more to do!  Next up was a meeting with Tarzan, he loved my pin collection.  He thought they were beautiful rocks like the one he had given Jane! I traded 4 pins while in Animal Kingdom and happily made my way to the bus stop to head for Magic Kingdom!

Upon arrival at Magic Kingdom, I noticed Tinker Bell was meeting in Town Hall with only a 10-minute wait, SCORE! I hopped in line and marked my meet and greet off of the list!  I had never been on the Carousel of Progress so I made my way over to Tomorrowland.  I took a spin and had “There’s A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” seared into my memory as we got stuck in the Christmas scene for about 20 minutes with it playing over and over.  I had a wonderful conversation about the fall decorations with a group of Cast Members who I also traded pins with.  I stumbled upon the Dapper Dans as I was heading out of the park, I just had to stop and listen!

I decided to take the Monorail over to Epcot, unfortunately we stopped midway as it was having technical difficulties and we sat on the track for about 20 minutes.  The rest of the journey was at about half speed so it cut a little time out of my day.  Not much but enough to make me start to worry. While we were waiting to move, a little girl was admiring my pins and of course I had to give her one.  She was very excited to have her very own pin to start a collection with!  Soon we were on our way and I was HUNGRY by this time.  I would have loved to ride Soarin but that line!  Luckily Test track has a Single Rider Line so I headed over.   After Test Track I grabbed Popcorn and a Coke and chose a spot to people watch.  It is one of my favorite Disney activities!  I got a call from Joe who was on the way back and was going to meet me at Epcot for lunch.  Once he arrived we headed to Sunshine Seasons for a light lunch.  There was a very sweet Cast Member named Amy who was cleaning tables around us who we started chatting with, we traded pins before parting ways. We stopped to meet Mickey, Minnie and Goofy at the Character Spot before leaving.

It was time to head to Hollywood Studios!  Since Joe was with me, we took the car.  This added extra parking lot walking time leaving Epcot and arriving at Hollywood Studios.  As much as I prefer to take our vehicle when at Disney, I found Disney Transport is a better bet for the 4 parks in one-day challenge.   Hollywood Studios was the one park that I messed up in.  I got in 2 rides, Star Tours and Rock N Roller Coaster.  We watched Muppets 3D for the first time. I traded 3 pins and met….  I met….  No One!  As we were walking to the car I realized I didn’t met a character!  It was already after 5, I was tired, Joe was tired.  We both wanted showers and a nap before dinner and needless to say, I kept walking to the car.

So you see, it can be done!  With a little planning, Disney transport and pixie dust I got it all done!  By the end of the day I had almost 20,000 steps on my fitbit!  I have a ton of new pins!  I met so many people including Cast Members and guests I was in line with.  And to top it all off, I got to do something I never tried while on one of our trips.  As I said in the beginning, I use to be anti-park-hopping.  Now that I know just how fun it can be I will never go back!!

*My 4 parks 1 day challenge took place before the Express Transportation option was added.  Combined with your Park Hopper Ticket, this add on will enhance your day by picking you up and dropping you off inside the parks!!