On our most recent visit to WDW this summer my husband and I decided to try all new (to us) restaurants!  Tops on our list was Art Smith’s Homecoming and The Polite Pig.  The Polite Pig, located in Disney Springs, is one of the newest restaurants to arrive at Walt Disney World.   A member of Be Polite, LLC this is their first venture into the Disney family.  They are conveniently located at the bottom of the Lime Garage in the new Town Center area.


We arrived around 11:30 and parked in the Lime Garage.  As you exit the garage, the escalator puts you out right at their entrance.   We walked in and grabbed a menu to browse before jumping in line to order.  Like most Southern BBQ joints, there are several “comfort foods” on the menu.  Along with a beverage/cocktail menu that includes Florida Craft Beers, Wine, House-made Cocktails and 40 bourbons!


 Check out some of their drinks on tap!!


Once we made our selections, we hopped in line to order.  We skipped starters so that we could jump right into the good stuff without filling up first.  I ordered the Southern Pig, a sandwich with Fennel-apple Slaw, Tangy Mustard BBQ, Duke’s Mayo, and Smoked Pork.  Joe ordered the Brisket sandwich with Pimento Cheese, Lil’ John’s BBQ, Picked Jalapeños and Crispy Onions.  We then added 3 sides for $15.00, BBQ Cauliflower, Grilled Corn and Mac and Cheese.

After ordering you are given a pager to place on your table and you select your own seat.  We saddled up to a tall table with a view of the kitchen.   You will also find booths, low tables, outside seating and a bar.  If you need a quick charge on your phone, you will find outlets underneath the bar! Our server showed up quickly and was quite friendly and helpful.  Drinks are self -serve and includes all-natural Blue Sky beverages.  The Root Beer and Black Cherry were our favorites.   You will also find a sauce bar with 7 selections sure to please. Not long after getting our drinks, our meals showed up.



We consider ourselves to be BBQ connoisseurs and tend to be quite picky when it comes to brisket and pulled pork.  I will admit, we were impressed, claiming the brisket to be in high contention with one of our favorite joints!   Sandwiches are served on a buttery toasted bun and piled high with meat and toppings.  A pickle spear accompanies them on the side.  The brisket was fall apart tender with a perfect bark and smoke ring, perfectly cooked with a good mix of lean and moist.  The pulled pork offered a smokey flavor and was piled high and topped with an interesting slaw that even has oranges in it!  Talk about a winning combo!!


Onto the sides – or as I call it “my favorite part of the meal”.  YES, after the delicious sandwiches, the sides stole to show!   The winner out of our choices was the BBQ Cauliflower.  The cauliflower is slightly charred then served with a paprika sour cream and toasted pumpkin seeds.  If the meat wasn’t so good, I would have this as a meal.  The slight crisp is enhanced by the pumpkin seeds and the added flavor of the paprika sour cream adds a perfect touch.  The corn is grilled which brings out the flavor of the kernels and then topped with lime butter and bread crumbs.  Last but not least, the Mac and Cheese, the creaminess is enhanced by smoked cheddar, cottage cheese and parmesean then topped with breadcrumbs also.  The fat shells fill with cheese making each bite fantastic!


When we finished our waitress came by to offer us dessert.  Not ones to normally pass, this day we did. We just could not stop eating our lunch to save room and unfortunately our dessert side was filled to the brim!  They only have 2 desserts here Orange Blossom Honey Cake or Double Layer Chocolate Cake.  I will save room for the Orange Blossom cake next trip.  It looks heavenly!


Overall, we give The Polite Pig thumbs up all the way around!  It is a must do for all BBQ lovers and anyone who likes a little originality in their meals!  As mentioned above, The polite Pig is located in Disney Springs.  Their hours are 11am-11pm.  They do not accept reservations.